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Why sonic branding?

Amp.Amsterdam specializes in creating sounds for your brand. More and more companies are adding sonic branding to their arsenal of branding assets, and for a good reason – it extends their reach among the extensive range of marketing platforms and creates a memorable emotional connection with their customers. To see who we’ve worked with, and how we’ve amplified these brands through sonic branding, check out our cases below.


What is sonic branding?

Sonic Branding (also known as audio branding or sound branding) is the strategic use of music, sound, and voice to audibly define your brand.

Sonic Branding entails the creation of an entire audio language for your brand, based on its purpose, values, and personality — a sonic language expressed across all platforms: from online, apps, events, TV, and retail, to the product itself.

At Amp.Amsterdam we specialize in creating sonic identities for brands based on our proprietary RTA-E model.


What is the sound of your brand?

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