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Webex Sonic Branding

The sound of Webex: a future-forward marriage between human and tech

About Webex
Webex provides best-in-class tools for web and video conferencing, and communication as a service. They create a rich environment for users to experience collaboration in an interactive and seamless way.

In Webex’s new rebrand initiative together with AKQA, the idea was to enhance the Webex experience through sound, which is where Amp.Amsterdam came in. We wanted to marry the sound of future tech and flawless functionality with human warmth and a friendly tone of voice. We set out to create a set of sonic guidelines, and a suite of key sounds to be used across the Webex App, Webex Room OS, and Webex devices.

To make the suite of sounds Amp.Amsterdam worked in a framework we called ‘Human Flow’: it combines organic elements to a future-forward sound palette. All while using certain practical rhythms, which are especially audible in the outgoing and incoming call sounds. The resulting sounds represent the new Webex visual design: The Webex visual logo creates a sense of motion, depth, and a coming together of a double helix: human and tech in perfect harmony.

Animated Logo

pause video

Webex' Sonic Suite


Sound Logo


Wake Sound


Incoming Call


Outgoing Call


Meeting Starts



“The quality of the work by our creative partners AKQA and Amp.Amsterdam has been consistently outstanding, throughout the whole rebranding process. Webex is a world-class technological communication platform and category leader, with many critical users - it was very important to us that the demands on visual design, sonic branding, and UX functionality were all addressed seamlessly."

Christopher Riggs, Creative Director Webex

"It has been a true pleasure for AKQA to work with the Amp.Amsterdam team on creating the new sound of Webex. While creating the new visuals for the brand, we were well aware we needed the best possible sonic branding partner to meet our demanding creative brief. The process has been a true pleasure for all involved, and our client could not be happier."

Jon Phillips, Senior Client Director, AKQA San Fransisco

AKQA San Francisco
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