Sonic Branding

Amp.Amsterdam specializes in creating sounds for your brand. More and more companies are adding sonic branding to their arsenal of branding assets, and for a good reason – it extends their reach among the extensive range of marketing platforms and creates a memorable emotional connection with their customers.

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Music Production

We have honed our skills in the craft of music but that is not all. We also pride ourselves in being able to speak the language of commercial projects, advertising, and broadcasting. From licensing and re-recording tracks to composing bespoke music for your project, we do it all at the highest level. Together with our huge network of dedicated music makers around the globe, we have built an award-winning track record in advertising production that continues to grow to this day.

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Audio-Post Production

Our facilities feature five state-of-the-art sound studios, where a friendly atmosphere and the best equipment join forces to create excellence in sound. Our team of specialist sound designers, engineers, and audio post producers is ready to make any content sound perfect.

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Music Supervision

Let us be your conductor. We know the game of music supervision like the palm of our hand and are here to guide you along the way. Our expertise in choosing, licensing, and delivering the right music for the right moment is something we passionately share with our clients. We love taking care of all the details.

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Music Licensing

We are here to be your professional partner in the process of licensing any kind of track. Spanning from classics by the Rolling Stones to obscure Cambodian deep cuts, our licensing portfolio presents a versatile range. To top it off, we are an exclusive licensing partner with Universal Music. This provides us with the means to work highly efficiently and get you the best deal faster than you can say “licensing gurus.”

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