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The sound of a distinct eight-tone sound logo based on their iconic brand song

About, owned by Ahold Delhaize, is one of the most popular online retailers in the Netherlands and Belgium with over 11 million active customers and an assortment of more than 23 million products. The appreciation is apparent in their wide array of public and marketing awards.

To accompany the visual rebranding, breathe new life into’s iconic sound logo and brand score.

We approached this project with a clear vision. To bring the sound logo into the next generation. Instead of starting anew, we took the brand song and sound logo that was written by André van Duin, (which was already highly imprinted in the ears of many Dutch and Belgians), and took out the vocal-heavy melody. The result had to be for everybody – Universally appreciated, just like We also shortened their sound logo an essential part of the melody, to make it even more memorable and distinctive. To help keep consistency across all their touchpoints we also created a sound library and sonic guidelines, ensuring recognizability with every use.

Animated Logo

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Sonic Suite


Sound Logo - Default


Sound Logo - Mexico


Sound Logo - Wintersport


Sound Logo - Thailand

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