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Zespri Sonic Branding

The sound of Zespri: bold, playfully unexpected and real

About Zespri
Zespri is owned by 2,500 current and former kiwifruit growers and cooperatively controlled by producing growers. They strive to create a long-term value for kiwifruit growers, by offering consumers the world’s leading portfolio of branded kiwifruit 12 months of the year.

Create a new distinctive and authentic brand asset that effectively connects people with Zespri in a memorable way. Zespri’s sonic branding is part of their first-ever rebranding since the brand’s conception and was aligned with their new brand platform which launched in 2020.

After researching Zespri in search of any interesting, playful, and unexpected insights, brand-related musical elements were paired with a suite of sounds produced by/with a real kiwifruit.

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For example:

  • the ‘Z’ animation is emphasized by the sound of cutting a kiwifruit
  • the sound of scooping a kiwifruit is used as a sweeping effect

To amp up the freshness of the brand, we stacked female vocals on top of a four-note melody, which consisted of instrumentation such as plucked strings and a Fender Rhodes piano. combined these elements represent Zespri’s brand new sound logo: bold, real, and playfully unexpected! Zespri’s sound logo is now in use globally, and for more reach, various countries recorded local versions of the Zespri sound logo in Spanish, Dutch, Korean, Japanese, Italian, French, German, and Chinese markets.

Animated Logo

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Sonic Suite


Sound Logo - Global


Sound Logo - South Korea


Sound Logo - Japan


Sound Logo - France

Brand: Zespri
Agency: Dentsu Singapore

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