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Zilveren Kruis Sonic Branding

The sound of Zilveren Kruis: the human body as the lead instrument

About Zilveren Kruis
Zilveren Kruis is a Dutch health insurance company founded in 1949 and part of the Achmea Group and is the biggest private health insurance company in the Netherlands. Zilveren Kruis aspires to motivate their clients in their search to find a perfect balance between aspects of exercise, healthy eating, good sleep, and a pleasant home/work environment and social life.

Briefing ‚Äč
We were approached by creative agency Dawn and Zilveren Kruis, to ideate a new sonic identity to support their rebranding. This included a brand score, a sound logo, and music for the first integrated campaign, along with a sonic strategy and guidelines on how to implement these assets.

Our creative team was inspired after taking a deep dive into the DNA of Zilveren Kruis, its mission, brand values, and vision. We also did competitor analysis which showed us that many health insurance companies sounded very similar. So, to stand out, we made a distinctive and unique sound pattern. Our team had the idea of assigning the human body as the lead instrument within their sonic branding came to life. Through the use of subtle non-descriptive vocals, finger snaps, handclaps, stomps, and heartbeats we wanted to give the music an organic and a human feel. We blended the sound of neoclassical composers and contemporary electronica producers, and while holding sonic mood board sessions we were able to find that pattern we were looking for.


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Sonic Suite


Brand Score


Sound Logo


Music Library


Podcast Music - De Eerste Stap


Podcast Music - Avondraad

Brand: Zilveren Kruis
Agency: DAWN

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