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Gojek Sonic Branding

The sound of Gojek: Indonesian heritage with a playful and modern edge

About Gojek
Today, Gojek is an integrated technology group that operates a number of platforms and businesses that are embedded in many aspects of the average Southeast Asians daily life. Gojek was founded on the principle of using technology to improve the lives of people, by providing them access to products and services, helping to create more value for society, improving efficiency and productivity, and boosting financial inclusion.

Create a full sonic identity (sonic logo, brand song, and all in-app sounds) for the rebranding of Southeast Asia’s biggest mobility app.

Through a process of creating demos and workshops with Gojek, we struck the right chord for the brand song and sound logo. These were modern and future-forward beats intertwined with quirky vocal samples and subtle traditional Indonesian instrumentation (such as the gamelan). Once the direction had been decided, we created a sound library of sounds from which to work from.

Along with sonic guidelines, Gojek rounded out the process with a collection of on-brand music and sounds that can now be utilized throughout all their touchpoints. The Gojek app has currently been downloaded over 155 million times and is the on-demand app with the highest active users in Indonesia.

"Amp.Amsterdam has thoroughly catered to our needs in the Sonic Branding of Gojek, providing our brand with recognizable sounds at all touchpoints, including a coherent set of in-app sounds."

VJ Anand, Gojek Group Senior Vice President & Executive Creative Director

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