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Bavaria Sonic Branding

The sound of Bavaria: the sonic history of Brabant

About Bavaria
Bavaria, part of the Royal Swinkels Family Brewers, is the second-largest beer brewer in the Netherlands, with a rich history spanning over 300 years.

Bring Bavaria back to its roots by cementing its sonic identity in the musical DNA of Brabant.

Through delving into the last hundred years of Brabant music –which ranged from classical pieces to folk songs and even traditional ‘Carnaval’ music– and holding sonic mood board sessions, we were able to decide on the relevant musical elements for Bavaria. A creative framework was born, which we used to make the final brand new sound logo, brand song, and a complete music library including seven variations of the brand song. The smoothly subtle fanfare of Bavaria is now being used for all of its touchpoints.

Sonic Suite


Sound Logo


Brand Score Corporate version


Brand Score PSV version


Brand Score Carnaval version

Case Study

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