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Our facilities feature five state-of-the-art sound studios, where a friendly atmosphere and the best equipment join forces to create excellence in sound. Our team of specialist sound designers, engineers, and audio post producers is ready to make any content sound perfect. Check out our studio cases below.


Audio-Post Production

In our five studios, we craft high-end audio for commercials, movies, and art. From creative sound design, foley, and voice-over recordings, to dubbing, and 5.1 mixing.

Great sound design and audio post-production can make all the difference in the quality of your content. Whether it is intended for TV, cinema, radio, online, social, or in-app, we treat all assets with the utmost care and dedication. 


Voice-over search, handling & recording

We have our own extensive voice-over talent library, making sure we can find the best-suited voice for your project. Our engineers are great voice-over directors, delivering some of the best audio quality and voice-over performances in the business


Spatial Audio

We deliver audio from stereo to 5.1, as well as ambisonics and binaural audio for content in a 360-visual environment. Immersive 3D sound is one of the most effective tools to establish viewer engagement in VR and AR. This real-time customized spatial audio technique is calibrated to the anatomical measurements of one’s ears and uses head-tracking technology to update the soundscape relative to movement. This technique guides the viewer through the storyline by adding 3D audio and becomes a crucial part of the narrative and user experience. If you need tailor-made spatial audio for your production, we’d love to hear from you.


UI Sound

We create music and sound design for your application or platform. Crafting sounds that are effective and memorable.


3 locations, 5 studios

Our audio-post production studios are located at our three locations in Amsterdam. Two of them are right in the city center at Herengracht (433 & 425). The other three are located in the east part of town (Th. K. Lohuizenlaan 196). Coming by car? We have parking available at all of our locations.



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