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You have probably seen it. Cyclists in traffic are on their mobile phones all the time. Young people, between the ages of 14 and 24 in particular, apparently cannot let go of their phones, even while riding a bike. Research shows that those phones are the biggest distraction in traffic and are causing numerous accidents. The number of accidents is also rising alarmingly. Sometimes an accident results in an injury, but unfortunately, fatal accidents also occur. It is also worth noting that today’s young cyclists will be tomorrow’s car drivers.

Insurer Interpolis has been committed to preventing accidents for many years. By devising smart solutions and developing informative campaigns. The goal: Zero road casualties in 2050.

After the 2020 success of the Interpolis ‘Smoorverliefd’ campaign, Interpolis wanted to create a new film to raise awareness about not using your phone while biking. This time the target audience was broadened from youngsters to include students. Young people between the ages of 14 and 24 are on the verge of experiencing amazing things in life. Experiences they will remember for the rest of their lives will shape their future. From their first kiss to their first time backpacking, going to festivals, driving lessons, and starting to live independently. But when you use your phone while riding a bike, you risk missing out on all these beautiful things. In short: don’t let your phone steal your future. DON’T MISS ANYTHING.

As Interpolis’ music & sound partner, we were asked to find the right artist to write and record an original song and to become an ambassador for this campaign. 

Work with an artist who can truly identify with the notion of not missing anything in life. It is essential that the artist is willing to commit to this problem among young people and does not see the project as a purely commercial assignment. The artist will write a song based on the video’s script, the reference music, and the briefing by Interpolis, Wefilm, and Amp.Amsterdam. The artist will officially release the song and the video that goes along with it. The artist will also confirm to use social media to reach the target audience and address the problem. 

We started with extensive research into up-and-coming artists that were popular with the target audience who appeared to be a good match with the brand. After creating an initial longlist of potential candidates we took a deep dive into their social media accounts to make sure they were a great profile fit. This resulted in an artist shortlist. After meetings with those artists, Interpolis, Wefilm, Amp.Amsterdam teams collectively decided that Danique would be the best upcoming talent for the project. 

Our music supervision team then commenced working with Danique and her team on writing a brand new campaign song based on the film’s script. 

A beautiful, heartfelt full-length song entitled ‘Later Als Ik Groot Ben’ (Later, When I’m Older) that tells the story of what Danique doesn’t want to miss in life.

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Danique - Later Als Ik Groot Ben

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