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Bolletje SBI

Bolletje Sonic Branding

The sound of Bolletje: the musical embodiment of the joyful baker

About Bolletje
Bolletje is a traditional Dutch brand that makes bread substitutes and pastry products since 1867. Bolletje is well known for its iconic tagline; ‘Ik Wil Bolletje’ (‘I Want Bolletje’).

Create a new sonic brand identity. The idea for our sonic angle was to build on tradition. Bolletje’s tagline is engraved in the collective memory, so why not use this as the starting point. Together with their brand values, it would create the perfect recipe for an innovative but identifiable sound logo.

After a deep dive into the Bolletje brand and its competitors, we analyzed the research to generate a framework that would become the foundation for Bolletje’s sound. Bolletje stands for craft, honest baking, a smile, and good food. We translated this into familiar sounds and cheerful melodies with the occasional subtle wink. All this in a nice contemporary setting.

What does a baker who is baking his bread in the early morning sound like? We think a baker will get through his morning whistling. So, the whistle became an important ingredient for the sound logo. Another creative exercise for the sound logo was to translate the syllables from the tagline – ‘Ik Wil Bolletje’ into a rhythmic structure. The combination of its memorable melody and the definition of its sonic values completed the sound logo for Bolletje.

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