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Vandebron Sonic Branding

The sound of Vandebron: the sound of green energy and future-forward thinking

About Vandebron
Vandebron is a green energy company based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The company delivers green electricity and regular gas to individual customers. Vandebron is a rebellious frontrunner accelerating the energy transition towards 100% green energy. An authentic green tech innovator brand implementing smart solutions to deliver their ultimate goal: 100% green energy, 100% of the time.

Vandebron wants to conquer the hearts of the Dutch public by showing its innovative power and focus on technological solutions. The aim is to make as many people aware of the need for technological pioneering as possible. By saying yes to the energy transition, you say yes to Vandebron, the principal frontrunner of the technological innovations necessary for a more sustainable world powered by 100% green energy. As such, Vandebron needs to change from a mission-driven brand to a tech-driven innovative brand with a clear mission.

We have taken a very close look at the brand’s values and its core mission. It was important to note that the existing sound utilized by the brand could best be described as friendly ‘farmers -and nature-first’, which represented a brand image we needed to steer away from.

“Working on our sound with the Amp.Amsterdam team was a great experience. The end result matches perfectly with our mission and has a future-proof sound.”

Isabelle Cannoo, Brand Manager, Vandebron

The new sound of Vandebron is the musical embodiment of the new Vandebron identity: Future forward and dynamic. We combined Interesting modern rhythms with an eclectic combination of electronic and acoustic instruments. There is a sense of versatility and progression to the new Vandebron sound, which perfectly reflects the brand’s transition from ‘every man’s brand’ to ‘Innovative Explorer’. The sound of Vandebron is intelligent, involved, and full of purpose.

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Brand: Vandebron

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