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The sound of TeamNL: the sound of sports

About TeamNL
TeamNL represents our country with pride on the highest podium. Our athletes compete in European Championships, World Championships, and the Olympics, from korfball to karate, from para-athletics to swimming. Together, they compete for the Netherlands. As one team, under the flag of us all.


Music & Sound
The aim was to create a distinctive sonic brand identity for TeamNL that effectively conveys a recognizable and consistent sound. To achieve this, we aimed to translate the brand’s core values into sonic values while also considering the beating heart of the organization: sports. A powerful electronic urban sound was preferred given their energetic and active nature. 

A new sound asks for a new brand voice-over to go with it. The aim was to find the perfect voice to deliver TeamNL’s message in one take. 


Music & Sound
We utilized mood boarding to define the specific characteristics of this electronic urban sound. This resulted in developing a sonic identity that is always energetic and contemporary, intending to activate the listener. The musical foundation is built upon deep electronic beats, complemented by warm pads, a catchy lead melody, and sport foley sounds implemented into the beat to create a sense of sport in the listener’s subconsciousness and highlight all that TeamNL stands for. 

To find the perfect brand voice-over for TeamNL, we started with a selection of talent matching the brand’s ambition, core values, and new sound. We had an extensive listening session with all stakeholders in which we scored the voices on numerous parameters. Based on the results of this session, a small group of voice-overs was invited to record demos to determine whether they got what it takes to deliver TeamNL’s message. With Giorgio we found the perfect match with what TeamNL stands for. 

Sonic Guidelines
Brand Score
Sound Logo

“We are building a strong TeamNL brand that connects the Netherlands and encourages sports participation. The sound logo effectively supports our brand with music – a short, recognisable tune based on our brand values. We use it in relevant communications. Through several touch-points, we set our TeamNL brand apart with its distinct sound. Sport lies at the heart of TeamNL and is the driving force behind everything we do. The TeamNL sound is refreshing and dynamic and activates the listener. The passion for sports is integrated into this sound, achieved by adding various sport-related elements that subtly move along with the rhythmic structure. These elements mirror the different sports that TeamNL represents. We are using the sound logo for the first time in the campaign 'TeamNL. Our Athletes in Orange,' in the radio commercial and video.”

Anne-Marije Haijtink Teamlead Corporate Communicaton

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TeamNL Brand Score


TeamNL Sound Logo