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Hans Anders Sonic Branding

The sound of Hans Anders: the sound of ‘Living Your Best Life’

About Hans Anders
Hans Anders, founded in 1982 in Rotterdam, is a Dutch optical and audio chain. The chain is part of Nexeye, a European optical retailer operating under different names in five countries. Hans Anders has more than 400 stores in the Netherlands and Belgium. 

Hans Anders started out as a rebellious challenger brand in the optics market. The brand wanted to regain some of these characteristics in 2023, and remind their customers that Hans Anders still offers the greatest value for money proposition. The original – and famous – tagline ‘Alleen de prijs is Anders’ (‘only the price is different’) was to be reintroduced, in order to reclaim the top-of-mind position with consumers.

To deliver the ‘Alleen de prijs is Anders’ tagline most memorably, we designed a congruent melody that could be vocalized / sung as well as played instrumentally. The resulting Soundlogo provides a wide range of possibilities for different content and touch points. The rhythm and melodic structure of the sonic logo is specifically composed so that it perfectly mimics the rhythm and seven syllables of the tagline (Al-Leen-De-Prijs-Is-An-Ders). The character and style were produced in accordance with the sonic framework we defined for Hans Anders; a translation of their brand values.

The 2023 vocal version has been performed by Dutch singer and actress Birgit Schuurman.

Sound Logo, Vocal and Instrumental version
Sonic Framework
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"We set out to create a mnemonic melody for Hans Anders that a broad audience could relate to and that would anchor Hans' unique brand theme in listener's minds with uplifting, positive associations. Fun fact: Birgit nailed it on the first take!"

Bram Holzapfel, Founder & Executive Creative Director, VENGEAN

"The whole team is so proud of the result, we are all singing the sound logo now, it is so catchy".

Vivian Grasveld, Campaign Marketeer Hans Anders:
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