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Telkomsel Sonic Branding

The sound of Telkomsel: a unique blend of Indonesian heritage and contemporary instruments

About Telkomsel
As the largest cellular operator in Indonesia, Telkomsel has successfully connected more than 164 million subscribers, opening a ‘World of More’ for all. Telkomsel was re-branding its visual identity after 25 years and came to Amp.Amsterdam for an accompanying new sound.

To blend the traditional spirit of Indonesian heritage with a new sound that would rocket the brand into the future. Their unique sound needed to encompass having an identity and communication that balances a contemporary and digital identity with its relationship to a rapidly growing nation and Indonesian culture. As well as complementing the new visual style of Telkomsel, produced by the design team of Someone London.

The result of our work consisted of the 5 traditional notes of Telkomsel, but blended with modern instruments and aspects of traditional Indonesian heritage. We also created additional harmonies to evoke a deeper and warmer impact with the sound of Telkomsel. An important part of the bold and striking new visual design is the Portal, opening to ‘a World of More’. We accented this asset with a unique and proprietary sonic asset, which can be heard in the resulting communication touchpoint assets.

“The sense of sound adds dimension to the message we convey to our customers. It adds that extra something, that ineffable feeling we want our customers to perceive when interacting with our brand. We have thoroughly enjoyed our sonic journey with Amp.Amsterdam, exploring exciting possibilities while remaining true to our cultural heritage. We applaud Amp.Amsterdam's method of the process, combining a systematic approach, elements that invoke human emotion, and their overall flexibility.”

Andrew Mamahit, GM Digital Brand, Telkomsel

Animated Logo

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Sonic Suite


Brand Score


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Telkomsel app: Hero Sound


Telkomsel app: Notification Sound


Telkomsel app: Refresh Sound

Brand: Telkomsel
Agencies: VCCP Singapore / Someone London

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