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Still Here

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House of Panic’s latest short film: STILL HERE, directed by Guido Ekker. We had a great time working on the music composition, sound design, and did the final 5.1 mix.

‘Still Here’ follows a man as he navigates a stifling, dystopian landscape in which the wealthy elite, the shareholders of the last surviving nature, would have him weed out a resistance movement growing their own plants. On this dying planet that imagines a collision of the worsening impacts of the climate crisis and the wealth gap, Ekker offers a chilling image of a future that may not be as far off as we’d like.

Directed by: Guido Ekker
Written by: Guido Ekker 
Produced by: House of Panic
Executive Producers: Mischa Rozema, Jules Vervoort, Ania Markham
Producer: Guide Ekker
Associate producer: Bruce Bigg

“The Man” Atta Otigba
“General Labourer” Bryony Cole
“Factory Manager” Tony Coppin 

Music by: Bertus Pelser (Amp.Amsterdam)
Sound design: Bertus Pelser, Mattijn Willems (Amp.Amsterdam) 
Post Producer: Andrey Golubyev 
CG by: Guido Ekker
Additional CG: Post Panic, Owen Buckley, Charleton Mercelina, Ignacho Matey 
Dome design: Vincent Mensink
Supported by: Kitbash3D
Festival Manager: Ella Porter