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Popcorn Brain reached out to us to work on the sound design and audio mix for their exquisite film, directed by the talented Daniel Bruce and starring the one and only Idris Elba.

We were commissioned to enhance the cinematic experience by creating sound design to facilitate seamless transitions between different worlds and to interconnect various scenes within the film.

In this project, the role of sound design proved to be instrumental in bridging the gap between distinct realms and establishing fluid connections between scenes. Our objective was to use sound as a unifying thread, weaving together the diverse elements of the narrative.

The Enigmatic Opening Scene
One of the most memorable moments in the film undoubtedly resides in its opening scene. Here, our goal was to gracefully transition from the familiar world of reality into an enigmatic and surreal alternate reality. This transition required a finesse and sophistication befitting the narrative’s depth. Our approach was to first immerse the audience in a vibrant African ambiance, meticulously setting the stage for the unfolding story. Then, we gently dialed down this ambiance, mirroring the gradual shift of focus to the central character, Idris Elba. This gradual shift hinted at the impending transformation in the storyline.
To maintain the immersive experience, we allowed the ambient sounds to fade, leaving behind a single, meticulously selected detail—the soft hum of a ceiling fan. By guiding the audience’s attention to this specific element, we heightened the suspense and intrigue. Our aim was not to overwhelm but to gently usher the audience into this new world, enabling them to follow each twist and turn of the narrative with heightened anticipation.

The Pen
After this initial transition, the story takes another turn as a pen rolls off the table, marking the full transition into the otherworldly realm. We ensured that our sound design continued to narrate this evolving story, seamlessly guiding the audience through each phase of the narrative.

In conclusion, our collaborative effort with the composer showcased the transformative power of sound in film. By seamlessly blending dialogue, voice-over, sound design, and music, we enriched the film’s narrative.

As part of our Stellar Development Foundation rebrand, we created this amazing brand film, starring Idris Elba.

Client: Stellar Development Foundation
Executive Creative Director: Diego Molina
Creatives: Sophie Friederichs and Ivar Laanen
Agency: Popcorn Brain
Direction: Daniel Bruce
Production: Popcorn Brain
Executive Production: Fritz Bücker
Post Production: Tamara Boogaard
Producer: Els Tau
Edit: Sophie Friederichs

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