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About Staatsloterij
Established in 1726, the Staatsloterij is the Netherlands’ first lottery, spanning nearly 300 years. In the heart of the Staatsloterij’s King’s Day campaign lies a moving narrative aimed at celebrating the essence of King’s Day: unity, friendship, and festivity. The narrative unfolds through Boris, a Dutch man residing in Japan, who is unexpectedly reminded of the warmth of home through a King’s Day lottery ticket sent by his friends, leading to a celebration at Café De Zotte Goudvis. The campaign stands as a testament to the shared joy and national spirit that King’s Day brings the Dutch.

For the campaign’s music, Amp.Amsterdam was brought on to craft a unique version of “My Way,” a famous iconic track by Frank Sinatra. To align with the campaign’s Japanese setting, the song was reinterpreted in Japanese, with our team handling the music production, sound design, VO recording, and final mix. Ambassadors were brought on for VFX and colour grading to add to the campaign’s visual storytelling.

Our version of “My Way” was carefully constructed using the same classic instruments used from the 60s, translated and performed by a distinguished Japanese artist in Japan. This approach ensured the music authentically complemented the film’s cultural backdrop, adding depth to the narrative.

The newly produced version of “My Way” seamlessly complements the visual and cultural setting of the film. This campaign serves as a celebration of King’s Day, the spirit of the holiday through a blend of sound, music, visual artistry, and national pride.

Campaign Music


Japanese rendition of "My Way"

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