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SportCity’s new sonic identity

About SportCity
SportCity, is a gym with over 111 clubs throughout the Netherlands. It is known for making fitness easy and believes you can make progress towards achieving your goals every day. 

After rebranding the SportCity brand, the need for a cohesive sonic identity became evident. With 111 clubs across the Netherlands, each using different systems and music, the quest for consistency presented a fun challenge that Amp.Amsterdam accepted. Before working on the overall sonic identity, the process started with finding suitable playlists each club could implement.

Like every project, we started with in-depth research to establish sonic values. To understand SportCity and its culture, we visited various clubs representing the SportCity ‘feeling’ the best. Additionally, we carried out a survey among 111 club managers, boasting an outstanding response rate of 98%. We concluded that SportCity’s tone of voice is active, inviting, connecting, casual, no-nonsense & to the point. In addition to an energetic tone of voice, it is warm and empathetic, which we all integrated into the sonic identity.

In addition to our role in developing the brand score, sound logo, voice-over, and sonic guidelines for consistent brand representation across all touchpoints, we collaborated with to curate playlists. These playlists were carefully tailored to enhance the atmosphere during morning, afternoon, evening, and lounge hours across various locations.

Sonic Guidelines
Brand Score
Sound Logo

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