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Create a sonic palette that fits the three main themes (climate, refugees, vaccinations) and the overall message of this SIRE campaign. Being There asked us to make the message stand out and complement the animation. In what way can we use audio to convey the message?

The conversation between the characters is the focal point of this project. To accomplish this, we began by casting voice actors, directing, and recording all the dialogue. Once we captured the natural flow of the conversation, the animator used the timing of the recordings to choreograph the character movements and animation.

Next, we moved on to sound design and music. Our goal was to create a soundscape that enhanced the three main situations in the campaign (introduction, escalating discussion, realization, and message). We wanted to avoid distraction from the character’s dialogue and draw the audience into the emotions of the campaign. For the introduction of the characters, we composed two simple musical tones that served as an intro and an opening message.

As the discussion progresses, it gradually escalates. To achieve a growing sense of negativity, we primarily relied on the animated typography and movements of the characters. The characters in the animation are seen throwing words at each other as if they were physical objects. Besides the literal impacts of the words, the sound design emulates their meaning, movements, and emotions. For example, we added subtle sounds of a herd of sheep for the word ‘kudde (herd),’ and for the word ‘gelukzoekers (fortune seekers),’ we added the sound of coins spinning.

We incorporated foley sound effects unconventionally to take it all a bit further. Including subtle sounds such as processed thunder, explosions, and other dark tones to convey a sense of negativity. The tension in the discussion between the characters builds throughout the animation. We emphasized this by incorporating musical tones that gradually increase pitch, each time a character tries to make their point. This creates a sense of climax, and we heightened this effect by processing the final words. When we reach the campaign’s central message, the visual embrace is emphasized by a soothing, warm harmony to contrast with the more dissonant first part of the film.

The combination of audio and animation creates an emotionally powerful and thought-provoking experience. The music, sound design, and foley don’t distract from the character’s dialogue, but add a strong layer of emotion and meaning to the overall message.

Commercial - Climate

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Commercial - Asylum Seekers

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Commercial - Vaccination

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Big thanks to:

Advertising Agency: Being There
Strategy: Edward Stolze
Creative: Bart Heijboer, Yona Hümmels & Stef Jongenelen
Account: Jeroen Konings
Creative producer: Britt van de Vlag

Production company: Artbox
Studio: a good beer
Creative production director: Geert Jansen
Animation director & animator: Amanda Nedermeijer
Illustrator: Luca Boscardin

Audio-post production
Amp.Amsterdam // The Sonic Branding Company

Music production
Amp.Amsterdam // The Sonic Branding Company

Bart Oomen, Pim Veth, Shelley Bos, Lotte Horlings, Karlijn Lansink, Michael Muller, Samer Fahad

Studio / DTP
Studio Doen! BV Amsterdam
Owner: Cees van Leeuwen
Designer: Hamza Cherrouda
DTPer: Pascal Nagel

PR- en communicatieagency: Coopr
Senior Consultant: Monique van den Berg
Senior Account Executive: Mischa Hokke

Social Media Agency: Lijm Amsterdam
Strategy lead: Max Koedijk
Strategy Director: Lorenz de Valk
Managing Director: Lars Reimink
Creative: Merel Peters
Creative: Tom Jacobs
Motion graphic Social Content: Evert Ybema
Advertising: Joelle Sevenhuysen
Camjo & edit (social): Florian Duclos

Influencer strategy, research & campaigns: Storyboard
Founder & Managing director: Martijn de Kemp

Talent Management: A Million Faces
Co-owner: Talisia Misiedjan

For You Agency – A creator-led social media agency
Founder: Britt Messing
Founder: Tess Scholten

Skybox. Design Agency Amsterdam

0- / en 1-meting: DVJ Insights
CEO: Lucas Hulsebos
Research Expert: Zowie Dirks
Research Expert: Ronald Cox

THX CrossmediaTracker: MeMo2, a KANTAR Company
Strategy Manager: Pien Laumans
Director Consulting: Edwin Beijer

Media: Stroom
Agency Lead: Samantha Catsburg
Sr. digital communications consultant: Patricia van Zon
Jr. digital communications consultant: Patrick Bot
Sr. SEM consultant: Angela Lustenhouwer
Senior Media Executive: Irma Ariens
AV director: Roan van Parreren

Monitoring: Monalyse B.V.
Managing Director: Henk Scholte
Accountmanager: Freek Hordijk
Media-analist: Cas Aben

RTV Monitor

PR-Tool: SmartPR
Account manager: Klaas Lamer

Youtube: 5PM
Lead Growth: Yara Mureau

Met speciale dank aan:
Con Fuego
Solid Base Management
The Compound – Amsterdam postproduction
Das Banner
Bert van Kruijssen
Dr. Josje den Ridder, senior wetenschappelijk medewerker Sociaal en Cultureel Planbureau Dr. Emily Miltenburg, wetenschappelijk medewerker Sociaal en Cultureel Planbureau
Dr. Daan Beekers, wetenschappelijk medewerker Sociaal en Cultureel Planbureau
Prof. Dr. Kees van den Bos, sociaal psycholoog & rechtswetenschapper Universiteit Utrecht Prof. Dr. Hans Boutellier, bijzonder hoogleraar polarisatie Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam en voorheen directeur van het Verwey-Jonker Instituut.
Prof. Dr. Paul Dekker, hoogleraar Civil society Tilburg University
Dr. Eelco Harteveld, universitair docent Politicologie Universiteit van Amsterdam
Prof. Dr. Paul van Lange, hoogleraar sociale psychologie Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Projectteam SIRE
Doeke de Steur, Marcel Hartog, Sylvia Coumans, Maarten Spaans, Diana Matroos, Christine Swart, Samantha Catsburg, Marc Oosterhout, Lucy van der Helm, Yvonne Markman, Vanessa Alkemade