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With a legacy spanning over 95 years, Schoonenberg has held the position of the Netherlands’ premier market leader in hearing solutions. This Christmas season, Schoonenberg embarked on a touching journey, weaving a narrative around the restoration of hearing abilities and the transformative power of music.

The narrative unfolds through the compelling tale of a girl adorned with her Schoonenberg hearing solution and her deep connection with her father. A critical element of this campaign was identifying the perfect song to underscore the narrative. What better choice than Elton John’s “Your Song”? 

To bring this vision to life, our team undertook the unique challenge of securing permission from the legendary Sir Elton John to re-record the song for the Schoonenberg TVC. As CEO Joost Haartsen expressed, “Your Song is not just a song; it stands among the most famous compositions and songwriters of all time.” Convincing Sir Elton John required a compelling letter by INDIE’s Creative Director, Lode Shaeffer, included in the licensing request. Thrillingly, our request received approval.

Quite a unique situation as Sir Elton only approves the use of his music in very rare cases.

The song is sung by Plume and Ruben Hein and produced by Amp.Amsterdam.

Plume’s personal connection to the cause, experiencing hearing loss on one side, made her the ideal fit for this special project. Beyond the television campaign, a fullversion of the song has been released by Plume (featuring Ruben Hein) on Spotify, amplifying the impact of our heartfelt message.


Advertising Agency: INDIE Amsterdam
Production Company: INDIE Amsterdam
Director: Donnya Zidan
D.O.P.: Dionne Cats
Offline editor: Fernando Barrientos / Amber Hooijmans
Post-production: Ambassadors
Producer: Carolina van Vugt – Murli
VFX Artists: Jeroen van Berkel, Jeroen Baars
Grading: Remi Lindenhovius
Sound Design: Amp. Amsterdam / The Sonic Branding Company
Music: Amp.Amsterdam / The Sonic Branding Company


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