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Playgrounds In Motion, a platform known for pushing the boundaries of animation and design, recently unveiled its latest creation – the Playgrounds In Motion titles. In this case study, we dive deeper into the creative process behind the sound design and music that elevated the Playgrounds In Motion titles.

Erwin van den IJssel and Playgrounds asked us to develop an idea for music and sound design based on his concept. He envisioned a film where real-life objects would be transformed into animated waveforms, blurring the lines between the tangible and the digital.

The Creative Process
The Playgrounds In Motion titles, animation explores a world comprised of waves, and to bring this world to life, we decided to craft a unique sonic experience for each scene. Here’s a closer look at the creative process:

Sonic World Creation
To translate the essence of the diverse wave-based world, we decided to create a distinctive sonic landscape for each scene. We started by creating the harmonic structure for the piece based on mainly major seventh chords from distant tonalities, experimented with different time signatures, and embraced polyrhythms. This approach helped infuse each scene with its character, making it an auditory and visual journey.

Blending Sound Design and Music
One of the essential aspects of this project was the fusion of sound design and music. Traditionally, these two elements often play separate roles, but in the Playgrounds In Motion titles, they intertwined in a way that redefined their roles—using musical elements as sound design and sound design rhythmically and melodically.

The Zoötroop Showstopper
The crowning jewel of this sonic adventure was undoubtedly the Zoötroop scene. It served as the showstopper, propelling the entire piece to another level. In this segment, we decided to use a more EDM style. We crafted intricate sound design elements that dance between the kick and snare pattern, creating a pulsating high energy that forms an epic closing statement for the Playgrounds In Motion festival.

Premiere at Playgrounds In Motion London
The Playgrounds In Motion titles made their grand debut at the Playgrounds In Motion London edition, held in the vibrant Outernet District.


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Big thanks to:
Creative: Erwin van den IJssel
Animation: Hugo Morais & Kanso Ogbolu