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Lotto Sonic Branding

The sound of Lotto: festive and victorious

About Lotto
The most famous lottery game in the world, Lotto is “the game with the numbered yellow balls”. It’s played around the globe. In the Netherlands, Lotto participants play every Saturday for the Jackpot of at least € 2,500,000 and one of the many other cash prizes. In cooperation with Lotto’s creative agency Selmore we created the new sound for Lotto.

Create a sonic brand identity for Lotto that efficiently translates a recognizable and consistent sound. We set out to translate brand values to sonic values, using spotify data about their target audience. After sonic mood board sessions, it was clear we should create a fresh, contemporary, and accessible musical identity.

Amp.Amsterdam used the iconic theme song (composed by the legendary Tonny Eyk in the 1980s), as a springboard into the new sonic identity, and decided to make brass instruments the heart of the new Lotto sound. The result was a funky and uplifting brand score and sound logo filled with triumphant brass melodies and a groovy rhythm section. The sound logo and brand song are now being utilized for all of their touchpoints, including the drawing results, TV commercials, and radio commercials.

Sonic Suite


Brand Score


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Brand: Lotto
Agency: Selmore

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