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About supplies its customers with great deals on different getaways and trips. They are all about giving people unique experiences and making memories that last. 

The main goal was to cultivate a sonic identity that embodied quality while simultaneously keeping things simple, positive, upbeat, and fun. Trying to inspire people to get out there, experience new things, and make lasting memories. Departing from the preceding sound crafted around, the challenge was to up the production quality and create a sonic identity with more depth.

Amp.Amsterdam was able to craft a brand score and sound logo that both fully embody what stands for. First and foremost we focused on using an organic palette of sounds that create a sense of warmth. The parts are all executed at a high level but consciously kept simple and memorable. The main goal is to ensure the message remains clear and understandable. Building on top of an upbeat groove, we were able to create a positive musical landscape that inspires and gets people moving.

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