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Around 1 in 100 young people may have had their private photos shared without permission in the last six months. And that can have major consequences, especially for young people. 

That’s why we teamed up with singer MEAU and KPN, to create the song ‘Piece of Me’. Inspired by real-life stories, the song and its video shed light on the aftermath of having intimate images shared without consent, exploring feelings of shame and guilt. The message they’re sending is clear: ‘Think before you hit send.’ Sharing intimate images online means trusting that they’ll stay private, but sadly, that’s not always the case.

Amp.Amsterdam was brought in as music supervisor with the specific assignment of identifying an artist capable of deeply resonating with the target audience. This artist was required to showcase both lyrical prowess and musical skill to effectively meet the challenge.

We conducted in-depth research to identify young Dutch artists capable of conveying the campaign’s core message and resonating with the target audience. Collaborating closely with Dentsu and KPN, we discussed the campaign at length to ensure we chose the right artist. Eventually, we found MEAU to be the perfect match. Our music supervision team then worked closely with team MEAU to craft a song inspired by the narrative. Additionally, we also took care of the sound design to make the film more lively and detailed.

The result
A heartfelt song from MEAU that educates about the consequences of having intimate images shared without consent.

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