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The sound of Klene: sympathetic with a playful undertone

About Klene
Founded in 1876 by Johannes Coenradus Klene, Klene is one of the most famous – if not the licorice brand in the Netherlands. In 2021, the company celebrated its 145th anniversary, and it is impossible to imagine the candy scene without it. With absolute classics like ‘Munt’ licorice and Allsorts licorice, but also with a sugar-free range, Klene has something for everyone.

In collaboration with Brand Potential & Selmore, Klene devised a fresh strategy to enhance the sensation of “cherishing the moment.” Amidst the hustle and bustle of life, this fresh approach required a complementary sonic identity to motivate people to enjoy the tasteful Klene licorice.

With Klene’s brand values – being ‘authentic, sympathetic & driven, and humorous’ – in hand, we started translating those into sonic values. 

During the process, we ensured that the sonic values stayed on brand: the focus lies on using acoustic instruments that stand for authenticity rather than electronic ones. The rhythm of Klene’s brand score is activating, stimulates the listener, and is easy to follow, while there is always a playful undertone in the form of melody, harmony, instrumentation, or a combination of all of the above. A fresh and distinctive brass-sound logo was introduced to round off the branding effort, directly derived from the brand score itself.

The new sonic identity aligns perfectly with Klene’s well-known brand characters Han and Koen, preserving their distinctive sense of humor, as seen in their latest TVC.

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