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Jet Airways Sonic Branding

The sound of Jet Airways: the joy of flying

About Jet Airways
Jet Airways (India) Ltd is an Indian airline based in Delhi NCR, with a training and development center in Mumbai. Incorporated in April 1992, the airline began operations as an air taxi operator in 1993. It began full-fledged operations in 1995, with international flights added in 2004. To celebrate their 25th anniversary in 2017, we developed their sonic identity.

Develop a sonic brand identity that reflects our Indian heritage while representing an international brand in a global market.

Uniquely, we decided to write a brand song for Jet Airways to honor India’s long and rich songwriting tradition. It also occurred to us that we could find a common international language through song, which would help us discover the unique sound of Jet Airways in an international setting. 

The writing was inspired by the strong tradition of warm hospitality that lies at the heart of the brand, which ultimately resulted in the song entitled ‘Coming Home’, the brand song that formed the musical basis for the Jet Airways sound. After all, Jet Airways provides a welcome home in the air for all its passengers.

We also wanted to incorporate the number three, melodically inspired by the three-speed lines in the Jet Airways visual logo, the three letters spelling ‘J.E.T.’, and the three syllables in JET –  AIR – WAYS.

Sonic Suite


Jet Airways Brand Score - Coming Home


Jet Airways Sound Logo

Brand: Jet Airways

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