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AKQA Amsterdam asked us to work on the sound design of these three different films, crafted by three different CG artists.

The campaign is based on the three stages of creative flow – Pause, Perform, and Play. Here’s how we approached the music and sound design for each stage.


pause video

For the Pause video, we aimed to create a soundscape that gently guides the viewer from the real world into the world of creative flow. We used subtle musical elements and blending sound effects to create a zen-like atmosphere. We aimed to help the viewer disconnect from their surroundings and, through a lush melody, become fully immersed in the world of getting into the flow, ready for the next step.  



pause video

The Perform world is all about being in the flow state, creating and having limitless ideas and energy flowing. We wanted to capture this euphoric state of mind through music and sound design. We used arpeggiators and swooshes combined with foley of cloth and an uplifting chord progression. The goal was to take the viewer on a journey of bliss, where they could feel the state of flow and be inspired



pause video

The Play stage is about coming out of the flow state and returning to the real world. First, we combined soft cloth textures with soothing chords and choir to guide the viewer through the pink glowing  tunnel with real-world elements. Next, the stones and flowing shoe are combined with morphed water sounds and wobbly pads. Finally, the viewer lands on their yoga mat, surrounded by nature sounds.

Big thanks to:
AKQA Amsterdam