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We’re really proud to announce that Amp.Amsterdam is responsible for Bolletje’s new sonic brand identity. Traditional ‘Bakemanship’ (or ‘Bakmanschap’, as the Bolletje brand calls it), yet contemporary, a smile, familiar and close to home. In collaboration with HavasLemz we created a brand new sonic brand identity for Bolletje revolving around these sonic values. This resulted in a sound logo which is now being deployed across Bolletje’s touchpoints.

What does a baker who is baking his bread in the early morning sound like? We think a baker will get through his morning whistling. So, the whistle became an important ingredient for the sound logo. Another creative exercise for the soundlogo was to translate the syllables from the famous tagline – ‘Ik Wil Bolletje’ into a rhythmic structure. The combination of its memorable melody and the definition of its sonic values ​​completed the sound logo for Bolletje.

Amp.Amsterdam is responsible for the sonic brand identity creation, music production, sound design & audio-post production.


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