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Goboony’s new sonic identity

Enhancing Goboony’s Brand Presence through Sonic Identity

Goboony, as Europe’s largest motorhome sharing platform, recognised the importance of establishing a distinct sonic identity to amplify its brand presence. With the aim of reaching individuals planning their next holiday, Goboony sought to communicate the idea that there’s more to vacationing than traditional all-inclusive trips or air travel.

Our team here at Amp.Amsterdam took charge of crafting sonic guidelines, a brand score, a sound logo, and on-brand voice-overs tailored for the Dutch, Belgian, and UK markets. We conducted research, held mood board sessions, and presented demos, including a version where the brand’s name was chanted as part of the sound logo. This approach resonated exceptionally well with the brand team and their agency.

Head of Marketing Communications Adriaan Hogervorst – de Jong, reflecting on the collaboration, stated, “After a successful first radio campaign last year, we immediately knew we would be investing a lot more in radio going forward. So to improve the ads’ effectiveness, we thought working in more distinct branding might be a good idea. Basically introducing sound that doesn’t just fit the brand, but that would also be recognized over time.”

The result? A brand score that’s both compact, punchy, and on brand, but also allows for a wide range of deliverables. Listen to it below ⬇️

Sonic Suite


Goboony Brand Score


Goboony Sound Logo