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Ever wondered what kind of world would open up to you post-lottery win? Eurojackpot takes us to an unforgettable out-of-this-world space party with one fortunate victor and his friends. Created by TBWA\Neboko and produced by HazazaH, we got on board to cover everything sound for this journey into space. 

After reading the script, it became clear that we were fortunate enough to be involved in a film with a good dose of humor. What if you suddenly win a substantial amount of money? You’d book a private trip with your friends to space, wouldn’t you?

Beyond the search for a well-known song that would serve as a karaoke track in the film, there was also a need for a cinematic intro score that would specifically accentuate the launch into space.

With Boogie Wonderland by Earth, Wind & Fire, and The Emotions, we found the perfect funky disco song to sing along to in outer space.

We chose to compose an adventurous orchestral intro track with a subtly severe undertone, which, in combination with the humorous visuals, creates a fun contrast. The track starts with some small tension strings and gradually builds to a climax before echoing away into the depths of the universe alongside the rocket.

Sound design was an essential element to enhance key moments in the film. The film’s comedic aspect was elevated by alternating between epic music, sound design, and dramatic silence.

This project was another great collaboration with the Ambassadors team, who handled all visual post-production. Read the entire case on their website.

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