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Chocomel Sonic Branding

The sound of Chocomel: an exploration of soulful indulgence

About Chocomel
Chocomel is a Dutch brand of chocolate-flavored milk, owned by FrieslandCampina. It is one of the most iconic beverages in the Netherlands and Belgium.

The brief for Chocomel’s sonic branding was simple yet broad: create a memorable and characteristic sound for the brand that speaks to a wide target audience. Besides taking into account the vision and strategy of the brand, Chocomel, and their agency Dept didn’t limit us in our creative approach.

We started with extensive research of Chocomel’s brand values, personality, and history. We listened to, analyzed, and benchmarked the sound of more than 15 of their competitors. Based on these findings we started the creative concept phase, inspired by Chocomel’s heritage. Their iconic commercials from the eighties and nineties heavily featured uplifting soulful tunes such as Aretha Franklin’s Think, which inspired the creative direction of their brand new and ownable sound. Through our sonic mood board sessions, we defined which styles of soul and funk music would fit the brand best. In our demo process, we aspired to create a modern, funky track with classic soul elements – merging the sound of the past and present into one. The result is an infectious and recognizable brand song and sound logo that will enhance Chocomel’s communication for years to come.  


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Brand: Chocomel
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