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Beemster cheeses are truly made in the Beemster polder. Always from the milk of North Holland cows that walk outside on average of 180 days a year, 10 hours a day. Beemster has a whole family of cheeses; each cheese has a distinct flavour, yet they share that “malleable” mouthfeel.


The basis of the briefing for Beemster’s new sound was to convey the story of Beemster musically. Beemster is not a gimmick or something easily manufactured, but a genuine and honest product.

Our goal was to create a brand score that makes the listener feel as if they are in a rural setting. We wanted to achieve this with warm, acoustic, and compelling melodies that evoke a tasteful atmosphere and connect the listener to the Beemster.


After immersing ourselves in Beemster’s history, brand values, and tone of voice, we started building a framework that gave us a slightly clearer vision. The second step was driving to the Beemster to visit one of its farms. All we needed was a pair of boots and a field recorder.

During our visit to the dairy farm, we heard the distinct rhythmic beat of the milking machine, so we decided to record it. From there, the idea arose to create a rhythmic basis for the brand score from this recording/rhythmic beat. Just by subtly incorporating the recording of the milking machine and the ambient sound of the Beemster into the brand score, we create an even stronger connection between the listener and Beemster.


Beemster is as real as the instrumentation in the brand score. No artificial or cosmetic instruments, but acoustic, unpolished, and real. The sound logo is now an extension of the brand score and provides a tasteful conclusion.


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