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BCC Sonic Branding

The sound of BCC: finding sonic clarity in expertise, assistance, inspiration, and enterprising.

About BCC
BCC, originally Bakker Cash & Carry, is a Dutch retail chain that sells consumer electronics. It was founded in 1945 in Amsterdam by Herman Bakker.

The general public knows BCC for its classic catchphrase ‘low pricing, high service.’ Throughout the past 10 years, this particular payoff has been through multiple changes and evolved through different variations. Our job was to develop a fresh, musical approach that could stand the test of time and be something that lasts. Especially taking BCC’s new campaigns and payoff into consideration.

We took a very close look at the brand’s values, history, and competition. By utilizing this research, we were able to develop an authentic sound logo that seamlessly ties in with BCC’s sonic values. During this process, we constantly took the new payoff into consideration, which was of great importance. For this exact reason, we decided to make the payoff an integral part of the sound logo. We started off with a musical framework while keeping the rough concept for the phrasing of the payoff in the back of our minds. The idea for the phrasing was directly derived from the natural rhythm in the syllables within “Dont Worry, Buy Happy.” Eventually, we married these worlds together, resulting in a new sound logo that perfectly captures the vibe we set out to achieve.

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Brand: BCC
Agency: Creature Amsterdam

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