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Audify Sonic Branding

The sound of Audify: a unique blend of human sounds and contemporary instruments

About Audify
Audify- formerly RAB (Radio Advies Bureau), has changed its mission from not only being a marketing agency for radio but are now also using its expertise in the latest additions to modern listening. They work in advertising-, commercial- and media agencies. As it broadened its scope and underwent a rebranding, Amp.Ampsterdam created a new sonic identity for Audify.

Audify asked for a new sound logo and brand score to go with it. They loved the idea of using organic beats, human elements like voice and man-made percussive sounds and tying it all together with an uptempo and innovative feel. Audify made it clear that the musical composition should not be too electronic, too busy, or too repetitive. The most important element should be the human feel in the music.

After narrowing down the specific sound qualities that resonated with Audify’s core branding, we found our perfect recipe: a subtle vocal to add the human quality (with harmonies created by the Amp.Amsterdam team), and a combination of organic and contemporary elements which you can hear in their brand score. This provided a warmer, fuller, more confident and innovative sound. Take a listen for yourself!

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"The rebranding we’ve done went from RAB being the radio consultancy agency to embracing the world of audio as a whole. With that comes a re-positioning as well as new visuals but also a new sonic identity. It was a really interesting process to be a part of."

Joris van der Pol - Boardmember Audify


Joris van der Pol - Boardmember Audify

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"If you choose ‘How does your brand sound’ as a positioning, obviously you had better have a resounding presence yourselves. Noblesse oblige. As always, we aim high and only work with the best in the business. Our journey towards our own audio identity has been truly inspiring, with a result that sounds just like us."

Liedewij Hentenaar, Director Audify

"Rebranding a brand is always exciting. Especially when working with a team that is that audio-minded like the Audify team. We had an ‘audio match’ right from the get-go with a beautiful brand score, sound logo, and underscore as a result."

Diederik van Middelkoop Executive Creative Director Amp.Amsterdam

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