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Aegon Netherlands

The sound of Aegon Netherlands: the sound of electronic stimulation

About Aegon
Aegon has operated for 175 years in the Netherlands, where it is a provider of life insurance, pensions, banking, and other financial services. Meanwhile, the company has grown significantly and is active in over twenty countries within and outside Europe, with its headquarters in The Hague.

Starting from July 4, 2023, the company will merge with a.s.r. This means that eventually, the Aegon brand will disappear from the Dutch market.

Before the news about the merger with a.s.r. became known, we were briefed on the development of the sound of Aegon Netherlands.¬† Our aim was to create a distinctive sonic brand identity for Aegon Netherlands that effectively conveys a recognizable and consistent sound. To achieve this, we aimed to translate the brand’s fundamental values into sonic values while also considering its musical heritage. Given their musical legacy, an electronic, future-oriented sound was preferred.

We utilized mood boarding to define the electronic sound’s specific characteristics. This resulted in developing a sonic identity that is always optimistic and accessible, intending to stimulate the listener positively. The musical foundation is built upon electronic elements, complemented by human and acoustic sounds to create a warm and subtle organic touch. We utilized the latest technological innovations and production techniques to highlight the expertise of Aegon Netherlands.

"From beginning to end, the collaboration went incredibly well. Through a combination of creativity and effectiveness, we have achieved an end result that we are proud of."

Marise Sperling, Teamlead Brand & Campaigns, Aegon Netherlands

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