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Amp.Amsterdam created the new and vibrant sonic identity for the Dutch sports organization TeamNL

Amsterdam, 1st July 2023 – Amsterdam-based sonic branding company Amp.Amsterdam // The Sonic Branding company created the new sonic identity for  TeamNL.

TeamNL represents our country with pride on the highest podium. Our athletes compete in European Championships, World Championships, and the Olympics, from korfball to karate, from para-athletics to swimming. Together, they compete for the Netherlands. As one team, under the flag of us all. With a cross-media presence, it was time to give the brand its distinctive auditory identity. 

Amp.Amsterdam was brought in to create a new, recognizable, and consistent sound. The brand’s core principles were transformed into sonic elements while remaining focused on the organization’s pulsating core: Sport. The result? A dynamic and vibrant electric urban sound for TeamNL.

Listen to the sound logo and brand score here.

During the process, Amp.Amsterdam included mood-boarding sessions to precisely outline the unique attributes of this electronic urban sound, resulting in a dynamic and modern sonic identity that aims to engage and activate the listener. The new sound of TeamNL is accompanied by a voice-over that aligns with the brand’s core values. For this brand voice, the team at Amp.Amsterdam uses a specially developed process to match the right voice to the brand.

“We are building a strong TeamNL brand that connects the Netherlands and encourages sports participation. The sound logo effectively supports our brand with music – a short, recognizable tune composed based on our brand values. We use it in relevant communications. Through several touchpoints, we set our TeamNL brand apart with its distinct sound. Sport lies at the heart of TeamNL and is the driving force behind everything we do. The TeamNL sound is refreshing and dynamic and activates the listener. The passion for sports is integrated into this sound, achieved by adding various sport-related elements that subtly move along with the rhythmic structure. These elements mirror the different sports that TeamNL represents. We are using the sound logo for the first time in the campaign 'TeamNL. Our Athletes in Orange,' in the radio commercial and video.”

Anne-Marije Haijtink, Team Lead Corporate Communication

About TeamNL
TeamNL proudly represents our country on the grandest stage.
Our athletes compete at European Championships, World Championships, and the Olympics.
From korfball to karate, from para-athletics to swimming.
Together, they fight for the Netherlands. As one team, under the flag of us all.
TeamNL. Our athletes in Orange.

Follow the stories of our athletes on TeamNL YouTube.


Maurice Paans

Client Director

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