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Make Future

“We have two options: surfing, or drowning together” – Greanpeace just launched their new public campaign “Maak Toekomst (Make Future), right before the Dutch elections with the hope to start taking action and making politics greener.

“Climate activism is more important than ever and we have less than ten years to stop dangerous climate change from happening”, says Greenpeace The independent climate organization is asking us to undertake three actions: Make friends. Make trouble. Make future. “The future doesn’t just happen to you, you make it. Together with friends, and us, Greenpeace. We’re the last generations that can make a change, no time to lose.”

The campaign was created by creative agency Dawn with Halal as the production company and Paul Geusebroek as director. Amp.Amsterdam was in charge of the original music production.


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Make Future

Big thanks to:
Paul Geusenbroek