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Een moord kost meer levens

Set in the 80s, Een moord kost meer levens is an adaptation of Peter R. De Vries’ book which Videoland has crafted into a top-notch drama series. However, in 2021, a dark shadow descended over the legacy of the crime reporter as he was brutally murdered, adding a somber layer to his legacy.

The concept was simple yet ambitious: to breathe new life into an ’80s hit track and infuse it with an eerie, thrilling aura to complement the series’ dark narrative. The choice of music was crucial, and after careful consideration and close collaboration with the client we landed on the iconic song ‘Tainted Love’ by Soft Cell.

What made this project truly special was the creative freedom we enjoyed, allowing us to experiment and play with our love for music and the magic of storytelling. With the vision to take the audience back to the 1980s, we had the liberty to explore and experiment, resulting in a uniquely dark and airy atmospheric experience for viewers. 

In an unconventional approach, our music led the way, shaping the tone and mood for the subsequent trailer and teaser. We divided the track into two parts – the first stayed true to the original, and the second ventured into a dark and eerie tempo that matched the tone for the series. We crafted five demos, each exploring a slightly different tempo, and in the end, the client chose a fusion of the top two, which we seamlessly merged into the final track.

The outcome? An eerie rendition of ‘Tainted Love’ that intensified the narrative’s suspense, underscoring the series’ recurring themes of nature versus nurture.

The project went seamlessly, largely due to the level of trust and creative freedom Videoland granted us. This led to a result we’re genuinely proud of, and we had a lot of fun along the way.


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