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Dela – because every life deserves infinite attention

In collaboration with TBWA/Neboko and Wefilm Agency, who joined forces after both winning DELA’s bureau orientation, Amp.Amsterdam crafted a heartfelt advertisement for DELA, serving as a compelling reminder that every life merits infinite attention — an intrinsic value held dear by everyone at DELA. The campaign aimed to approach one of life’s most somber moments with the profound respect it undeniably deserves, acknowledging its significance for family, friends, and those left behind, emphasizing the importance of every narrative and detail.

The brief was to make a re-recording of a well known song that would resonate perfectly with the story of the film.

Our team assumed full responsibility for recording a heartfelt rendition tailored for the campaign. With a substantial musical focus, the campaign featured a moving performance by a young girl singing Stef Bos’s “Door de Wind,” a song that had recently regained attention through covers by other Dutch artists. Working closely with the young vocalist, we endeavored to capture a sincere and heartfelt version specifically for DELA. We also aimed to infuse the piece with a unique and intimate touch. This involved incorporating a piano accompaniment and a string ensemble, aligning with DELA’s unwavering commitment to treating sensitive moments with the utmost respect.

In the end all these pieces turned into a truly heartfelt campaign that should remind us that every life deserves infinite attention. 


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