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Tracks & Sync Of The Month: March

In collaboration with Universal Music Group, Amp.Amsterdam // The Sonic Branding Company will share a selection of recently released music each month.
At the beginning of each month, we take a moment to look back at a number of sync-friendly songs that were recently synced or released. Sit back, relax and listen to (or watch) our fifth edition of Tracks of the Month!

“Belief is Gold”
Song: ‘Believer’
Artist:Little Valencia Singers children’s choir (original by Imagine Dragons)
Startdatum: March 8th 2023

The Spanish Gymnastics Federation presents the World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships, to be held in Valencia from Aug 23th until 27th. With “Belief is Gold” as the underlying theme, Imagine Dragons’ track ‘Believer’ was the perfect sync. 

The Gymnastics Federation was not the only one who thought it was the perfect sync. Hugo Boss chose for ‘Believer’ in a commercial with the tagline “Be the Man of Today”. The track was also featured in a Jeep and a Samsung commercial. All these commercials have one thing in common: they want to show that anything is possible. And that’s exactly the feeling that Imagine Dragons’ 2017 hit single can convey. 

Miley Cyrus – River
Last month Miley Cyrus released her eighth album “Endless Summer Vacation”. The album is divided into two parts: AM and PM. Everyone has probably heard the first single ‘Flowers’, it was seen as a response to ‘When I was Your Man’ by Bruno Mars, and spent five consecutive weeks at No. 1. ‘River’ is the second single from the new album and kicks off the ‘PM’ portion with a rougher and more mysterious sound. 

Since Miley is one of the most influential people in the entertainment industry, her music is a popular choice in the advertising world. She has sung bespoke music for T-Mobile’s Superbowl commercial and a Gucci commercial for example.

Keywords: up-tempo, danceable, pop

Hozier – Eat Your Young
Andrew Hozier-Byrne is known for his poetic lyrics with political undertones and incorporating literary and mythological themes in his music. His new single ‘Eat Your Young’ is no exception. The song is based on the third circle of Dante’s Hell and discusses the theme of gluttony. His unique sound and mesmerizing voice disguise the heavy subject matter.

Hozier rose to fame in 2013 with his hit single ‘Take Me To Church’. Ever since then, his music is everywhere. We heard his breakthrough single in a Beats commercial, ‘Movement’ in a recent Kia commercial and ‘Work Song’ in a promo video for the movie “The Longest Ride”. Mark your calendars because this summer Hozier will be playing at the AFAS Live!

Keywords: indie, catchy, melancholic

PNAU, Khalid – The Hard Way
One of Khalid’s favorite things in music is when melody and lyrics contradict each other. Together with the Australian electro pop trio he created the song ‘The Hard Way’: a feel-good song with melancholic lyrics that makes it impossible not to move.  

Khalid has made danceable tracks before that became very popular in the world of sync. His song ‘Talk’ was featured in an Apple Music commercial for example, and ‘Love Lies’ can be heard in the film “Love, Simon” and multiple “Love Island” episodes. 

Keywords: synthpop, 80s vibe, catchy 

Jhené Aiko – calm & patient
Positive lyrics, soft instrumentation and dreamy vocals. Exactly what you expect from a song called ‘calm & patient’. The soothing atmosphere can be heard in more of Jhene’s music. In her latest album ‘Chilombo’ she used crystal alchemy sound bowls that have healing frequencies. Something the R&B artist uses in her free time while meditating.

Jehné’s music can be heard in multiple movies and TV shows, but not yet in commercials. A missed opportunity if you asked us! The soothing atmosphere and the use of sound healing make her music a great opportunity for wellness advertisements, for example.  

Keywords: dreamy, mellow, uplifting

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