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Tracks & Sync Of The Month: October

At the beginning of each month, we take a moment to look back at a number of sync-friendly songs that were recently synced or released. Sit back, relax and listen to (or watch) our Tracks of the Month!

Song: No Time For Toxic People
Artist: Imagine Dragons
Start date: 22 October 2022


For a brand that has “freedom, adventure and passion” as their key values, a musical connection to a band named Imagine Dragons seems like a no-brainer. The band is mostly known for its powerful songs with a positive note; making ‘No Time For Toxic People’ align perfectly with Jeep’s preferred message. To no surprise, the 2023 Grand Cherokee commercial isn’t the first time the American pop rock band is featured in a Jeep ad. Ever since 2014 they have been regulars when it comes to soundtracking the car brand’s visuals, making this a mutually beneficial match made in heaven!

Tom Walker – The Best Is Yet To Come
Every now and then, you hear a song that immediately kick-starts a complete film scene in your mind. ‘The Best Is Yet To Come’ is a perfect example. The lyrics provide the listener with a symbolic hand to hold, which triggered many fans to (dare to) start sharing their own, personal stories with each other. It’s pretty clear Tom Walker’s music touches and connects people – extremely valuable factors, even (or perhaps specifically) in the advertising industry. His previous single ‘Leave A Light On’ was featured in a Sony Bravia campaign – who will be claiming this one?

Keywords: power ballad, sensitive, comfort

Sef, Willem – Anorak (Dutch)
The Dutch music industry would not be the same without influential artists such as Sef (Yousef Gnaoui) and Willem (de Bruin). Sef made his musical start as a part of Flinke Namen, just as Willem did as half of the Dutch rap duo The Opposites. With dozens of hits to their names, both in their respective formations as well as in their solo careers, it makes sense that they have a rich sync history too. Besides being musically featured in commercials, series and films, Sef has made a career as a voice-over artist for brands such as Vodafone and Mr. Marvis. The two prominent musicians have merged their powers once again on their latest single ‘Anorak’.

Keywords: Dutch, hip hop, mellow

Carly Rae Jepsen – Surrender My Heart
Whenever you hear the name Carly Rae Jepsen, there’s a big chance ‘Call Me Maybe’ – the hit single that kicked off the young popstar’s global career – immediately springs to mind. Over the last few years, the song has been successfully featured in commercials, films and series on a regular basis – it’s even the soundtrack of a brand new Orbit Gum advertisement as we speak. Jepsen recently released her album ‘The Loneliest Time’, which also contains a bunch of sync-friendly tracks, starting with her latest banger ‘Surrender My Heart’. 

Keywords: teen pop, infectious, positive

S10, Froukje – Nooit Meer Spijt (Dutch)
Both S10 and Froukje rose to fame with extreme speed in the last few years. Despite their still relatively brief careers, you could call them both veterans in the commercial industry. Froukje was the face and artist for an NS (Dutch trains) commercial last year, for which she wrote the bespoke song ‘Morgen is het weer vandaag’ (“Tomorrow is today again”). S10 went even further and represented The Netherlands in the Eurovision Song Festival, which airs globally on television each year. 

Since both artists target similar fan bases, a collaboration between the two is not unexpected. ‘Nooit Meer Spijt’ (“No regrets ever again”) is the second single they’ve released together.

Keywords: Dutch, pop, catchy

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