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Tracks & Sync Of The Month: November

Isn’t It a Pity: Fuzzy Feelings | Apple Holiday Film

Song: Isn’t It a Pity
Artist: George Harrison
Writer: George Harrison
Start Date: November 21, 2023

Apple’s new Christmas commercial, ‘Fuzzy Feelings,’ precisely delivers what the title promises. The short film not only immerses you in the Christmas spirit but also emphasizes how creativity has the power to change our perception of each other and the world. The film’s message is complemented by the music of George Harrison, originating from his 1970 album ‘All Things Must Pass.

The Beatles – Now and Then
“Now and Then,” also known as ‘The Beatles’ final song,’ appears after a staggering 53 years since their last album, ‘Let It Be.’ This unreleased track will be included as a bonus in the reissue of The Beatles 1967-1970 (the blue album). It originates from an old Lennon demo tape, which was finished decades later for the documentary ‘The Beatles: Get Back.’

The Beatles’ music has been featured in several commercials, including the old Nike Air commercial from 1988.

Lucky Daye – That’s you
Lucky Daye released his latest single “That’s You” last month. The talented American R&B artist co-wrote and produced this track with the Silk Sonic producers Bruno Mars and D’Mile. Currently, the singer is busy producing his upcoming album, so we can expect more from him soon.

The singer was featured three years ago in the BET X Dennys commercial.

AJR – Touchy Feely Fool
The second track from their fifth studio album, named ‘The Maybe Man,’ marks a new direction for AJR. With this album released on November 10, the band aims to leave behind the stories from their youth and confront the uncertainties of adult life.

In 2021, ESPN collaborated with the indie pop trio AJR, using their song ‘Way Less Sad’ for a ‘Sunday Night Baseball’ campaign.

Lorrèn – Rise
Last month, the singer-songwriter from Amsterdam released her single ‘Rise.’ As a multi-instrumentalist, Lorrèn is known for her raw and warm voice that characterizes her songs. On December 22, she will perform at the Roode Bioscoop in Amsterdam.

Last year, Lorrèn was heard with a cover of ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ in the Heineken ‘Cheers To All Fans’ commercial.


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