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Tracks & Sync Of The Month: July

At the beginning of each month, we take a moment to look back at a number of sync-friendly songs that were recently synced or released. Sit back, relax and listen to (or watch) our fifth edition of Tracks of the Month!

Song: Who’s That Girl
Artist: Eve 
Writer: Eve Jeffers
Start date: July 17th 23

In their new advertisement for the Women’s Football World Cup, Nike celebrates female soccer players of the past and present with the 2001 hit single ‘Who’s That Girl’ by Eve. The commercial takes us back to the iconic moment in 1999 when Brandy Chastain scored the decisive penalty kick, making the United States world champions. We see a father and daughter sitting on the edge of their seats, watching the match. The father cheers with excitement but stumbles, magically transporting him to the year 2023. There, he meets his adult daughter, who proudly updates him on all the important moments in women’s football.

Disclosure – ‘Higher Than Ever Before’
This English electronic music duo released their new album ‘Alchemy’ last month. The two brothers, Guy and Howard Lawrence, announced the album 48 hours before its release and organized a free release party in London.

Disclosure brought dance music to new heights with hits like ‘Latch’ and ‘You + Me’. Lacoste chose the popular track ‘You + Me’ for their TV commercial in 2017, and it won several awards. EA Sports has also shown their appreciation for the duo and has chosen their music for the well-known FIFA Soundtrack for multiple years, with the most recent addition being the track ‘Confess To Me’ in 2020.

Keywords: drum and bass, UK garage, up tempo 


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