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Tracks & Sync Of The Month: December

In collaboration with Universal Music Group, Amp.Amsterdam // The Sonic Branding Company will share a selection of recently released music each month.

Quick Share the holidays with Galaxy | Samsung

Song: If I Can Dream
Artist: Agency Re-Recording (written by Walter Earl Brown)
Start date: 10 November 2022



Whenever the holidays approach, everyone (and every brand) wants to show that their hearts are in the right place too, by hitting just the right emotional chords with commercials that will bring (happy) tears to your eyes. After all, we’re all human and we all need some extra (emotional) warmth during the coldest time of the year. In last month’s Samsung Galaxy commercial, we follow two children who connect via technology – with a very literal result at the end.

The song ‘If I Can Dream’ was originally recorded by Elvis, whose version has been featured in various commercials before. Naturally, the track is also part of the recent ‘ELVIS’ film soundtrack – covered with a modern touch by Eurovision Song Contest winner Måneskin.

Krezip – Let Me Go Home

The Dutch pop/rock band Krezip is completely back after a decade-long hiatus – it’s as if they never left. Krezip’s “comeback” single ‘Lost Without You’ was featured in a LU commercial last year, the recent single ‘You Are Not Alone’ is part of the film ‘Soof 3’, and frontwoman Jacqueline Govaert provided the music for the heartwarming end-of-year campaign for the Staatsloterij. ‘Let Me Go Home’ is also part of the ‘Soof 3’ soundtrack, but has not yet been used commercially.

(Sub)genre: Mellow Pop

Louane – Le bateau coule

The career of French singer and actress Louane Emera started in 2013 when she participated in ‘The Voice’. During her participation, she was noticed by director Éric Lartigau, who gave her the lead role in his film ‘La Famille Bélier’, for which she won a César award (best young female talent) and a Prix Lumières (most promising actress).

As an actress, she played a role in the Honor 8 x Louane commercial, and as a musical artist, she can be heard on the official soundtrack of the 2021 ‘Pokémon’ movie. Her latest album ‘Sentiments’ is full of romantic gems, including ‘Le bateau coule’, which could add an extra dimension to any loving scene.

(Sub)genre: French Pop

Martin Garrix, JVKE – Hero

Together with American singer-songwriter JVKE (Jacob Lawson), Martin Garrix released the song ‘Hero’ specifically for the new game MARVEL SNAP. Despite his age, we could pretty much call Martin Garrix a veteran in the business, with many syncs and partnerships (including AXE, JBL, 7UP) to his name. JVKE is relatively new to the spotlight – breaking through in 2020 thanks to his viral TikTok videos.

‘Hero’ is not the standard sound you might expect from Garrix, but one thing is for sure: this powerful collaboration resulted in a massive banger!

(Sub)genre: Pop, Future Bass

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