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Tracks & Sync Of The Month: April

PLUS Commercial – Goed eten is goed voor iedereen
Song: Never Too Late
Artist: Dawn Brothers
Start date: 14 March ‘22

This “Sync of the Month” went live a little over a month ago, but is still airing on Dutch television as we speak. It’s fair to say that PLUS has gained a reputation for their musical feel good campaigns, leaving the viewer/listener with an optimistic, life-improving attitude. As well as the urge to go out for some fresh groceries in order to cook up a healthy kick-ass meal, of course.

For this commercial, PLUS called in the help of Dutch roots band Dawn Brothers, who wrote an inspiring soundtrack for the occasion. The message is clear: it’s never too late to make a (lifestyle) change.

Martin Garrix, Mesto – Limitless

As one of The Netherlands’ most successful DJs, Martin Garrix needs no introduction. Despite a career filled with global hits over the past years, his debut album ‘Sentio’ was only just released. Like every other track on the album, ‘Limitless’ is one to blast through your speakers at maximum volume and is perfectly suitable for any campaign with an edge. In recent times Garrix has worked together with many impressive brands, such as TAG Heuer, Armani, AXE and 7UP.

Keywords: house, energetic, attitude

Son Mieux – Multicolor

Indie formation Son Mieux  recently won an Edison for their latest album ‘The Mustard Seed’. That being said, they have already followed up with a brand new standalone single ‘Multicolor’. A few years ago, their track ‘Easy’ was used in an ING commercial, which begs for more syncs. The sound coming out of The Hague is particularly fitting for any campaigns in need of positive vibes and/or with a preference of sending their viewers/listeners on with their day with a tread in their step. 

Keywords: positive, triumph, addictive (in a good way)

Trombone Shorty – Lie To Me

Troy ‘Trombone Shorty’ Andrews is an American trombone and trumpet player from New Orleans. Thanks to his musical upbringing Trombone Shorty has been active as a musician since he was 4 years old. He has performed and recorded with many iconic artists such as Lenny Kravitz, Aerosmith, Dave Matthews Band and Eric Clapton – to name a few. Late 2021/early 2022 he was featured in the latest Folgers commercial – both musically and physically – and was rewarded his very first GRAMMY for his collaboration with artistic jazz/R&B genius Jon Batiste. 

Keywords: feel good, New Orleans, jazz

Nona – Daydream Eyes

Eindhoven-based Nona had her breakthrough in 2018 with the jazzy song ‘Sleeptalking’ and has since evolved into a renowned vocalist that has been compared to the likes of Amy Winehouse . Her recent ‘Daydream Eyes’ single wouldn’t be a bad choice for any romantic comedy or perfume commercial. The Southern belle is no stranger to the sync world to begin with – a few years ago she was “the voice” of Frank Sinatra’s timeless ‘That’s Life’ in a Centraal Beheer insurance ad.

Keywords: pop, hopeful, Summer

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