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Track & Trace: Sindy Kuipers

As soon as I reached an age where I was able to go clubbing I dove deep into the Amsterdam club scene. The RoXY gave me my first taste of dance music. A love that’s still there to this day, as I still love to dance.

Sindy Kuipers

As a child, I grew up with classical music. I was trained as a recorder player and pianist. In addition, I studied solfège and attended music camps as well. There was definitely some natural talent there and studying at the Conservatory could have been a legitimate option. Unfortunately, though, I could never muster up enough motivation to put in sufficient practice time. One of my friends in music did end up pulling through and studying at the Conservatory. A few years later I discovered and fell in love with Soul music. Mainly Diana Ross, The Jackson 5, and Earth, Wind & Fire. The rhythm and feel of soul music make me so happy. Whenever I hear that kind of music it’s impossible for me to sit still. I just need to dance, it excites me. Soul music is what got me to start taking lessons in jazz ballet and dancing in plays, as a teenager.

As soon as I reached an age where I was able to go clubbing I dove deep into the Amsterdam club scene. I discovered clubs such as the Soul Kitchen, Richter, and RoXY. It was a special time and I remember dancing till the wee hours of the morning. The RoXY gave me my first taste of dance music. A love that’s still there to this day, as I still love to dance. Not in clubs anymore though, but at festivals. Every year I go to a few festivals and parties with friends, like A Day at the Park and Flying Dutch. The music, at these festivals, is not the only thing that brings me joy though. The relaxing vibes and the fact that I’m outside, dancing in the fresh air are just as important. I actually saw Oliver Heldens perform at one of these festivals. His tracks have a certain musicality that speaks to me. There’s always a nice groove and rhythm there, as well as a nice sense of climax.

I’m not someone who has a knack for music facts. I know and recognize a lot of music but the names of the artists and song titles always seem to escape me. To me the only important thing is that the music touches me. Music can touch me through rhythm but also through a specific vibe. Take Brazilian or Italian music for example. Whenever I hear that kind of music it immediately transports me to another place. I have a special place in my heart for Italian music. The country, the culture, the language…I speak a fair bit of Italian myself. I do have a knack for languages and I’ve also been to Italy quite a few times, both with my parents and alone. I’ve been to concerts in Italy too, by Riccardo Cocciante and Antonello Venditti. We were the only people in attendance who were not Italian.

These days I enjoy taking my daughter to see concerts. Together we’ve seen Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and Angie Stone perform. I also like taking her to see ballet. The Swan Lake and The Nutcracker are two ballet plays everyone needs to see once in their life.

I’ve been rediscovering classical music during the last few years. The way music is able to trigger emotion still seems to be an underestimated principle. It really adds an extra layer to the overall experience. Try watching a horror movie without sound, it’s just not scary anymore. Thanks to my work at Amp.Amsterdam I’ve become more aware of the emotional effect and added value that music brings to (moving) images, as well as how it can affect people in general.

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Sindy Kuipers

Studio & Project Manager

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