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Track & Trace: Faye van Buren

There’s almost nothing as personal as music. Take one look into someone’s record collection, and you immediately know what type of person you’re dealing with. Within the Amp.Amsterdam // The Sonic Branding Company team, music flows through our veins. So what better way to get to know us than to take a sneak peek into our playlists?

In this fifteenth and, for now, final edition, we sat down with Faye van Buren, Junior Project Manager at Amp.Amsterdam. For her studies in Communication and Information sciences, she wrote a thesis on sonic branding. At her own request, she completed an internship at the company she got to know through the research for her thesis: Amp.Amsterdam. Freshly graduated, she is now a Junior Project Manager and the newest member of the Amp.Amsterdam team. 

I have a playlist for everything: one for when I can’t fall asleep, one for when it’s cold outside and I’m cozy inside and one for when I’m on my bike. Every moment of the day has a different vibe, I like creating matching soundtracks for these moments and sharing them with my friends. For example, my go-to song while watching the sunset on a rooftop is Ottolenghi by Loyle Carner. My Amp.Amsterdam playlist is a mix of all my favorites, including a few of my favorite artists: Bon Iver, Fleetwood Mac, and Billie Eilish. The process of becoming a fan of someone and wanting to know everything about them happens in stages for me. I completely got into Fleetwood Mac after watching the TV series “Daisy Jones & The Six”. I went through a similar phase earlier with Beyonce. Inspired by my mother and older sister. 

That I would end up in the music industry was not an obvious choice. Although my father has a very extensive record collection and playing music was an activity at home, sports played a bigger role in my family. My brother is a professional soccer player and plays for Slavia Prague, my sister used to play handball in the German Bundesliga, and my grandfather Theo Laseroms even won the European Cup 1 with Feyenoord. I was more into music; I took piano lessons, taught myself to play guitar and later sang in a student band. Besides songs we wrote ourselves, we played songs that people could party to like “Piano Man”, “Brabant” and “Shut Up and Dance”. Like Joost (director Amp.Amsterdam) and Guus Meeuwis, we participated in the AHC Songfestival for student bands. Following Guus, we won that one too. 

I found my internship very enjoyable and educational; I looked forward to going to the office everyday. I explored the potential of sonic branding in the international market. Additionally, I handled PR, marketing and social media tasks, and shadowed other project managers. Each project is unique and requires a different approach and plan. Since August 1st, I can proudly call myself a Junior Project Manager at Amp.Amsterdam, which makes me very happy. I can’t wait to start working on my own projects.

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Faye van Buren

Junior Project Manager

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