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B&JxTonys_Album-cover_feat-Faberyayo (2) B&JxTonys_Album-cover_feat-Faberyayo (2)

Tony’s and Ben & Jerry’s Debut EP ‘Chocolate Love A-Fair’ Is Out Now

In the serenade ‘Chocolate Love (Open Chain),’ Tony sings about his love for Ben & Jerry and his hope to take the first step toward a loving relationship in Tony’s Open Chain.

Ben & Jerry’s track ‘Jij Laat Mij Smelten’ is the intimate and acoustic answer to Tony’s song. They open up their hearts and answer to Tony’s love by joining the mission. To complete the ‘Chocolate Love A-Fair,’ Tony’s and Ben & Jerry’s released a final love song in collaboration with Faberyayo (Pepijn Lanen). This duet officially makes their mutual love 100% public. It symbolizes their loving relationship and the transparency of their new way of working together. It’s also a call to the rest of the world to join the Chocolate Love A-Fair. “If everyone joins our mission, we can reach our goals.”
You can check out and listen to the EP on Spotify. It’s the result of a new relationship that aims to end modern slavery and illegal child labor within the cacao industries of Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire.


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