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TikTok is about creating authentic music content, not ads

AKQA’s Associate Strategy Director Christiana Courtright sat down with Diederik van Middelkoop to share her perspective on the unique power of TikTok and how brands should use the platform. Not only is TikTok redefining music and artists, the platform is redefining advertising. And yet, despite this major influence, the platform still remains a mystery to many brands, or brands simply don’t seem to have the right knowledge to use it successfully.

According to Courtright, there are some key-points brands nowadays need to know about TikTok. She speaks about ‘subtle advertising’. Something Elf Cosmetics understood really well, and went viral with a song only created for the product, without mentioning either brand or product. “Sonic Branding isn’t about: how can I throw my brand name into a catchy jingle. It’s more: how can I remove my brand name, but still somehow attach it to my product or to my brand simply through music.”

Courtright is calling all brands to not behave like a brand, but to behave like another TikTok creator in order to grasp the sense of authenticity, emotional connection and community that resonates throughout the whole platform.

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Christiana Courtright on Tik Tok


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